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VaporCigzzAt VaporCigzz, if they haven't tried it and used a product for at least 3 months, they don't sell it. Their goal is to free you of tobacco use, and make the transistion to the electronic cigarette as smooth as possible. They have an extensive knowledge of their products and are there to assist you. The Epic Storm at VaporCigzz (That's because they use all of the products)

We recently reviewed one of their amazing PV Mods, The L-Rider, Epic Storm, Variable Voltage, Version 2 - PV Mod. To say we liked it, is an understatement. We Loved it! (see our video review below) It is the new version, and the mini version of the LavaTube. A 100% improvement over the original Lava Tube, the Mini Epic Storm is a very high quality PV Mod that is perfect in size and weight.

From the moment you hold it in your hand, you will instantly feel the quality. It not only looks great, but functions as well as it looks. A high polished chrome look that is outstanding will catch the eyes everytime. With a nice clicky button that is raised just a little, and smooth to the touch, and the perfect size in the hand. It is the same height as the JoyeTech 650 eGo.

With a bottom cap and spring that is just as nice of the rest of the mod, and battery protection to boot. Not to mention, short circuit protection, reverse battery protection, over-current protection, short circuit atomizer protection, low voltage notification, and a power status feature.

Top ConnectionThe 510 top connection sets a new standard and fires everytime. You can see in the photo on the left, the quality. Inside is a pin that floats and is adjustable, and it surrounded by a nice juice well. With this connection, your carts and attys will connect and fire everytime. No need for an eGo adapter with this connection.

It doesn't matter if you are using a adapter or not, or how close the center pin is on your cartomizer or atomizer, the center pin on the Epic Storm  top connection will make sure itLED connects and fires.

Varable Voltage, 3 to 6 volts in .1 increments, using a couple of very easy Plus and Minus buttons, with a nice, but small, and very readable LED readout frame. It is pocket friendly, you can turn it off and on, and a power status feature so you can check your battery power when ever you want.

VaporCigzz is an Authorized ResellerIt uses 18350 batteries, we suggest an AW 18350 High Drain Battery from VaporCigzz, because they are the Authorized Reseller for AW, as well as L-Rider, JoyeTech, SmokTech, GLV,  BulliSmoker, and CherryVape. All of VaporCigzz's products are Authentic. You won't find any imitations at's prices are very competitive, heck, they are downright low! You can buy the Epic Storm VV, Version 2 of the Mini LavaTube, PV Mod for $53.99!  Now, that's a deal!  ( Watch our video review on VaporCigzz Epic Storm Below )

The RobustWe also reviewed Vaporcigzz's Robust VV. It is a very small variable voltage device with a 510 / eGo connection that is impressive and the ability to go from 3 to 6 volts in .1 increments using the easy plus or minus buttons, plus it can read the ohms of whatever you are vaping, and has a low battery read out. There is two types, a round and a square and the Robust is a great out and about type of device due to it's small size. They packed a lot of features into this small VV device, and it is worth checking it out. Priced right too.  ( see our review below)

The Bulli-Smoker A2-TMWe reviewed the Bulli - Rebuildable Atomizer - A2-TM for and we alsoThe Bulli Rebuildable compared it to several other rebuildables. (See our video below) The Bulli A2-TM stood out among the others we compared it too and it vaped quite a bit better. It was the top rated Rebuildable that I had tried so far out of about 10 others, that I have tried. With the Bulli-Smoker Rebuildable, you can build a wick and coil with stainless steel mesh and 100% unbleached cotton and you get a fantastic vape. Tons of vapor and great flavor. Once you have the build process down ( see the video on how I build a wick and coil and the add on with stainless steel mesh and 100% unbleached cotton) you really can get outstanding flavor from your ejuice.

It's nice having the tank of ejuice with the Bulli, so you are not having to drip with this rebuildable. It takes the Joyetech type B tank with the silicone cap at the bottom. The atomizer is made in Germany, and the quality is excellent. Check out the video below and then check out and see what you think.

We loved VaporCigzz, and we think you will too. Don't take our word for it. Check out VaporCigzz for yourself and see if we aren't right. Also let them know that sent you.  We don't make anything, just good will, and we appreciate it.


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