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Vapor Couture - E-Cigs for Women

VaporCoutureVapor Couture is the latest line to be launched by flagship company VMR Products. This unique line was designed just for women and is the only such line on the market today. Slim, elegant and available in four distinct shades, Vapor Couture is not simply a premium product – it’s also an eye-catching accessory. Just Click on VC at the top when you get there.

A sister company of the popular V2 Cigs brand, Vapor Couture combines the robust technology of V2 Cigs with chic designs and stylish accessories. The Vapor Couture line of electronic cigarettes features an ultra-thin, jewel-tipped rechargeable battery with flavor cartridges available in four complementary colors.


Each of the four distinctive Vapor Couture cartridge flavors was hand-picked to appeal to a woman’s refined palate. With bracelets, charms and a must-have clutch, Vapor Couture has everything a girl needs to show off her e-cigs in style!

Vapor Couture is the only electronic cigarette brand created entirely for women, and the latest brand to be launched by VMR Products. VMR operates and manages their three brands, V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture and Vantage Vapor, in the United States, Canada and the Czech Republic.

Where many electronic cigarette companies outsource their products overseas, VMR plays an active role in manufacture, design, distribution and support. VMR Products works consistently to bring standardization and better regulation to the e-cig marketplace; the company sees a future wherein safety and top-quality products are the universal standard.

VaporCoutureVapor Couture ecigs not only look great, but they vape great too. Vapor Couture carries quite a few starter kits, ecigs, and ecig accessories, all styled to appeal to women. They do a great job too. I've got to say, their flavors are darn good, with excellent vapor production and a very nice throat hit. 

Flavors include: Bombshell, Rodeo Drive, Fresh Mint, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Champagne, and Artic Mint.

Check out our review below, then, check out VC, and see what you think. Just click on any of the photos or banners.

Video Review of VaporCouture's Starter Kit, Ecig Accessories, and more

Vapor Couture - the slimmest E-Cig in the industry! - FOR WOMEN ONLY

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