Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! is the home of The Saber Touch. A high quality line of PV's with a touch sensitive button. I don't like to gush, but when it comes to The Saber Touch Mini, I gush. I love this PV with the USB Pass-through setup. It was just what I was looking for. I wanted a small 3.7 volt PV that could be my out and about type of ecig and the Saber Mini fit the bill. But what I got was more than just a normal 3.7 volt PV!

The Saber MiniRight around 3 inches, The Saber Mini fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It has a sealed 510 connection and has that perfect weight to it. With the proper care, the construction and quality of the Saber Touch will last a lifetime. The Saber Touch Mini is a 3.7 v device using one 16340 battery that will last quite awhile. Long enough for my needs.  Put in your battery, throw on a LR atty and you are off. It's a great vape. But, VaporMoon also has a USB Pass-through device for their Sabers that turns the Saber MiniSaber Touch Mini with pass-through into a Variable Voltage Vapor Monster.  Sir Lawrence of Variable Voltage Devicedeveloped a variable voltage usb pass through that you can plug into your Saber to give you 3.3v to 11v! It works great. Just unscrew the bottom cap, screw in the PT device, set your voltage and vape. At 5 volts with a FluXomizer, it is vapor heaven! Use it at your computer or plug it into the adapter to vape wherever you have  a outlet. When you are done, unplug it, throw your battery back in and go. The Saber Touch Mini is one powerful, and versatile little PV. ( See Video Review )

The Saber Touch button is a skin sensitive button. Just a little light pressure and it hits. Don't worry about it going off in your pocket though, because it is skin sensitive. It won't go off if it rubs against your shirt, pants, or holder.  The quality and construction of the button will give you a worry free working button for years. The Saber Mini with PT

All Sabers except the Varivolt come with a 5 year limited warranty. Hand crafted, made in the USA, full tested, with solid state circuitry. There is the Saber Touch, The Varivolt Saber, and The Saber Touch Mini. There are tons of colors, designs, and even custom Sabers so you are sure to get one that has the look that you want.  Mine is called the Scream in' Eagle Black Crinkle
It has this smooth feel, and looks like a leather texture with the smooth brass caps. ( See Video Review )

flashlight on your SaberTo top this off, now has added a new 9 led flashlight that screws rightFlashlight for the Saber on to the Saber. Now you can have light when you have your PV with you. It will pack up in your bag at the airport and go right through security because it is just a flashlight, and a nice one at that. There are two different versions and they will work on most any 510 connection with the right voltage.

So when you are looking for a great PV. Check out and tell them sent you.


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