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Volcanoecigs.comIf you haven't been to the Volcanoecigs website, you should check it out. For one, the site itself is pretty nice. Tons to see, read, great info, lots of photos, and the home to the LavaTube, Volcano, Magma, and Inferno kits. Tons of accessories, great disposables, and V-Liquid that keeps on flowing.

We recently reviewed the LavaTube Mod and the Tube Tank for, and we were impressed to say the least. (See our Video Review). It comes in Black, Silver, and Red. It is a specially designed ecig mod with a lot of features, built in safety, and is variable voltage.  YouThe LavaTube and Tube Tank  can buy it by itself or in a kit.

The kit gives you everything you need to vape it everyday. A nice cushioned carrying case, a flat nose, IMR, 1850 high drain battery, the charger, an atomizer, and special drip tip. All at a price, that you actually CAN afford. It is a variable voltage mod allowing you to set your volts from 3.0 volts to 6.0 volts. There are so many features build into the LavaTube, you would think it would cost a lot more.

We also tried out their 7 ML Tube Tank. They have a 4 ML and the 7. It looks great sitting on top of the LavaTube. Fits perfectly. The bottom of the tank has a slight indentation that the cartomizer fits 7 ML Tube Tankright into.

Volcanoecigs backs their products with warranties, has free shipping for purchases over fifty, ships within 24 hours, has top notch customer service, and a very loyal following. They have their own forum, rewards program, instructional videos, and FAQ section.

So you see Volcanoecigs is an ecig site that you have to check out. Plan to be there for awhile or a couple of days. As there is lot to take in. Their prices are very competitive and will make do a double take. They are safe, secure, accept all major credit cards, and even have some awesome apparel. We think you will like what you see, and love what you buy.

LavaTube V2Version 2 and Version 3 are out now, we loved Version 2, and we think everyone else will love it too. Version 3 is really nice, but we haven't tried one yet. The LavaTube Version 2 comes in many colors, and it is a great looking PV Mod. It also made it's way into our Top 10 PV Mod Awards. Not only does it have all of the great features, plus the upgrades, it just has this great look and feel in your hand that feels right.

Plenty of power, a great vape, great vapor production, tons of features, great safely features, you can get a nice grip in your hand, and it will handle pretty much any accessory you throw at it.

Check it out at Volcanoecigs, and see what you think.

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