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WhiteStagVapor.comIf you haven't heard of, you will soon. WhiteStagVapor is home to a vast collection of Innokin products, along with some other fine products from names like Boge, Dekang, and their own WhiteStagVapor Premium e-liquid.

WhiteStagVapor's owner felt the need to bring ecig products to the world, and he works hard everyday to make that happen. His prices are very competitive, and as low as he can get them. His goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

We recently reviewed the Innokin Leo Pro Kit, and The iTaste VV Kit, along with Premium e-liquid, and the Tidy cartomizers.

See our video review of The Leo Pro Kit

See our video review of The iTaste VV

The Leo Pro had a little heft to it, it is a solid battery and tank system that performs very well.  With a 510 connection, 1000 mAh battery, pen clip cap, advanced tank atomizer, on / off switch, led display, and very  nice gift box that is more like a nice hard case, the Leo Pro is sure to satisfy your vaping needs. At $69.95 for the Black Metallic Kit, it's a solid deal.The Leo Pro will last Leo Proyou all day and all night.

We got almost 12 hours out of the battery. The Black Metallic Design is a sure fire design that a lot of vapers will love. With all of the safety features built in, and it vapes as a pass - through while it is charging, it will meet your needs and then some. iTaste VV

The iTaste VV is a variable voltage Battery that is around the size of a 900 mAh eGo, with a Pen Clip cap, on/off, advanced magnet technology, very nice and unique design, and multiple connections, thanks to it's magnet design, you can change your connection to a 510, 808, 901, RN4081, Noble, NJoy, and NPro with ease. The atomizer screws into an interchangeable and magnetic connection, that works great!  Led read out, safety features, 10 second cut off, puff counter, replaceable tank atomizer like the eGo-C, the atty screws into the tank holder.

3.3 to 5 volts in .01 increments, plus the iTaste VV can detect the resistance of the different cartomizers and recommend a proper voltage range accordingly. It comes in Black, Chameleon, and White, and is a square ecig design that is very slick. The ease of use, and the many features will make the iTaste VV a very sought after device. Combined with the Tidy cartomizers, a clero cartomizer that is easy to fill, and easy to clean, the iTaste VV will be a huge hit.  By being able to change the connection, you can vape pretty much what you want, and yes, it does vape 1.5 dual coil cartomizers, and Boge carts.

Tidy CartomizersiTaste carries all of Innokin starter kits, like the Lea, Leo,Leo Pro,Lea Kross, Lea 800, AIO PCC, Innokin 510, the Noble, Pen Tank, and the Boge Leo. Along with a complete selection of ecig accessories, batteries, adapters, attys, Innokin Tidy cartomizers, Boge, Dekang ejuice, and their own WhiteStagVapor Premium e-liquid. We tried their Tobacco, 18 mgs, and it was very good, very close to an analog with just a hint of sweetness.

What ever you are after for your vaping needs, you are sure to find something you like at, you will probably find way more, but with their prices, you CAN afford it.

Check out, and let them know, sent you, we don't make anything, just goodwill, but we appreciate it.

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